Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Galleria Imperiale Suites is a limited production of high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the small olive grove is located within the property which extends for about twenty thousand square meters with 144 plants, among the typical varieties of the area we have the Leccino, the Moraiolo , the Frantoio, the Pendolino and the Casaliva

The olives are harvested by hand according to tradition and brought strictly within the day to the mill in small boxes for cold pressing and bottling, resulting in a delicate oil with a fruity taste, very low acidity and an almond aftertaste, rich in polyphenols. capable of providing numerous antioxidant benefits for the human body

It is a pure and natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil, obtained from the earth, the sun and the passion of man in strict respect for the environment and the cycles of nature.
You can buy it at our location or contact us, we will ship it to your home