Il Calepino & Al Tram

Galleria Imperiale Suites recommends its guests a food and wine experience not to be missed, in Sarnico facing the lake and in the nearby Valcalepio by the brothers Franco and Marco Plebani, with the winning combination of guided tours of the winery and tastings in their family restaurant.

Immersed in the vineyards of "Il Calepino", you will have the opportunity to book your guided tour with the tasting of their fine wines in the cellar, between barriques and bottles in aging.

In the historic and renowned "Al Tram" restaurant in Sarnico, you can complete the journey with their expertly prepared Italian cuisine, in a refined setting with a Proven├žal flavor, you will be accompanied in the choice of your favorite dishes paired with their high quality wines.

Info e Prenotation:

+39 035 847178

+39 335 7784080